Coffee Talk Tuesday: Trust the wait

brown liquid pouring on black and white ceramic mug selective color photography
Photo by Lood Goosen on

The Things that we are going through are not random, their is a Reason to this madness. Trust the flow of the universe.

Start to get ready for your blessings, prepare your self to receive all the the things you work so hard for.

In order to receive you have to be ready to receive, you have to make space in you life, like your house, if you want new things in your house you need to clear out the old things to make room for the new things.

If you want to receive a new car, you have to save more and spend less. The things that you want Is already meant for you, It’s already their for you, stay patient .

Trust The Wait. 

Today’s topic is to just ease your state of mind, a reminder that everything is going to be alright.




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