Manifest Monday: New Week

silver colored crescent moon pendant
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New week, new start at what ever you was trying to do last week, you can now do this week.  One thing is for sure I love to keep going keep trying at everything I want to do.

Manifesting has become my favorite thing to do. I was manifesting way before I knew what it was called, so when I started to hear about it a lot more I realized that I was doing the right thing.

Dreams do come true but only when your working for it to come true. I hope that make sense LOL. I read that part over and over a couple of times and for some reason it sound strange? But any way Manifesting works, you got to keep working and keep doing what you love to do, Never give up.

I’ve seen things happen for me sooner then I thought it would happen , because I believed and worked while I waited . And that’s what it’s all about working towards your goal, finishing what you started, seeing the results of that hard work, persistence, patience. 

Change is good, the more changes you make everyday, the more changes you see everyday. Do something different every day,  if your use to drinking coffee every morning try drinking tea instead, if you don’t like tea try drinking something else. Just try not to be predictable. You will see a lot of changes happening.

Like it is said : ” It’s the little things that counts”. little changes makes big future changes. 

backlit beach dawn dusk
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