Flirty Friday : Self romance

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Before anything in your life, self love should come first. Loving your self should always come first. No it’s not selfish to love your self, it’s important to your mental health to love yourself. Because how are going to be able to help people in life if you don’t know how to relate to their feelings or understand where they are coming from emotionally if you lack a sense of empathy.

Be brave enough to get to know who you are underneath that veil we wear in public. Accept your flaws, know that this is what makes you human, unless you not human (giggle giggle). Do it anyway, Be confident and cherish your strengths, I learned that when you are confident in who you are and what you do and in what you say, It make’s people comfortable to be around you. why? Because you are comfortable with your self.

Then all of a sudden you become a street counselor, people will then stop you in the street to ask for directions but then turn around and start telling you they life story.

That’s because, out of everyone in the street they saw your confidence shining brighter then everyone else, which made them confident enough to approach you. This to me is a great blessing.

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Yes we all have Flaws and sometimes feel vulnerable but that is what make us different and wonderfully unique, let’s not hide them let’s share these beautiful gifts with the world. Let’s be brave enough to say I love who I am , who I’ve become and what I can do, yes I make many mistakes and sometimes I am messy but I am doing my best with what I’ve got. I’am so proud of me and who I am becoming.

Love yourself Do things that make you happy, life is so short don’t put off today cause tomorrow is damn sure not promised.

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