Comfort zone

White Handmade Crochet Coaster Set Of 6

When I got into the business of making handmade items I was so excited, and still very excited. Creating things with my hands open my world to possibilities I didn’t know about. Growing up was very hard for me cause I didn’t have anyone who believed in my talent to help me grow and get ahead in life. And that’s probably what it is, the fact that I have a talent that can one day get me ahead of them. That’s not going to stop me, and it has never stopped me from doing what I love to do.

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Comfort zone’s are very important to a lot of people. So when I think about a comfort zone I think  about something nice and warm like a cup of warm milk, tea,  & coffee. Raining days often brings out those feelings of being comfortable. You can be sitting down typing on your computer, reading a book or watching a movie, and to add to that comfort you grab something hot to sip on. One might notice that you don’t have something to place your mug on, like a pretty coaster to add to the ambience.

Aesthetic has become a new pleasure for people in this generation. Being surrounded by beautiful items makes people feel at peace. My white crochet coasters can add to that comfort. They are simple yet pretty enough to blend into any atmosphere aesthetically. If your surrounding colors are White, gray or from a neutral family these coasters will fit right in. My handmade coasters are made of 100% acrylic very soft to the touch and easy to clean. I made them in a set of 6. This is great for when your company comes over to chill  with you, they can enjoy your comfortable, beautiful,  minimal aesthetic.




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