Coffee Talk Tuesday: Ideas


I have notice how quickly you forget certain things especially if  your not use to doing that said thing all the time. For me it’s to Blog, I want to write on my Blog as often as possible seeing that it is a Lifestyle Magazine. So I came up with this great idea, it is to create a Title for each day of the week, this way I can have an idea what to write about on that day. As you read the title at the top Today Title will be called “Coffee Talk Tuesday”.

This day I will write/talk about My ideas for my Boutique, While sipping Coffee and  posting pictures of what I’m making at that very moment. I am so excited to write about these Different things on different days, maybe this will help free up some of these ideas out of my mind.

Eating Lunch : Bagel with Cream Cheese, Bacon, stick cheese & Coffee.

I Feel like once you get some ideas off your mind, you will have more room for the next 100 ideas LOL. As a woman, and I know other women probably will agree with me when I say this but, I’ll have like a thousand things going on in my head, and don’t know what to do first. So creating a Title for each day seems like a great idea for me.

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Coffee Liquid Heaven



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