Your Intentions are a preview to your Future.

Selfcare ✨✨✨

✨✨✨Today is Sunday … For Many it’s a day To pamper yourself … Get yourself ready for The work week ahead. And for Me It’s A Day Of Relaxation, Meditation, Affirmations, Manifesting and Hanging out with my Daughter. In this chapter of my life…I’m Getting rid of Things That is no longer beneficial to me….

Boundaries Aug; 8.8

Question: Where do you need to establish better boundaries? That was the question giving to me by the spiritual world. Today I sit in ponder about what I shouldn’t be allowing in my life because it could be blocking my energy to create at my fullest potential. I’ve learned that saying No and having a…

Kiss with Fire : Never give up

As a new ” Entrepreneur “, I’ve been taking my time releasing my content, my work and products, #1:  Because some of my competition are thieves. I say this because when I first started my journey in creating my business 10 yrs ago, I’ve noticed when ever I put out my ideas, and show the…