A Moment of Thought

– Taking off in life Today was a good day, I got everything I needed to hear for my life’s path today. I can now really put in the work I’ve been wanting to do to grow in my life. Everything will be Completely made by me and only me.

March Day 1 Chapter 3

Good morning To Everyone, It’s March which means that Spring is in 2-3 Weeks away. After all this Cold weather is done, warm weather will be on it’s  way. We can then start to put away some of these heavy clothing. And start pulling out Those cute, Beautiful, Edgy, soft whatever your style is jackets…

Coffee Talk Tuesday: A New year of Mess.

First of all I would just like to say Happy New Year everybody, and Happy Valentines Day. I hope everyone’s new year was great and valentines day sweet, . I know there is some people who hate valentine’s day because they’re single. But let me tell you there are some people who wish they were…

Monday Maybe Blocked

Maybe today will be the day that I would not feel so exhausted. Lately the days seem to be flying by so quickly. And I feel like I can’t catch up with myself. Maybe Monday will be the day to slow down abit, but I Highly doubt it. Because my daughter always have me busy….

Coffee Talk Tuesday: The initiation

The initiation : Rite of passage, Crossing the threshold. Rite of passage represents the journey that the soul takes to reach somewhere different. A different level in your life. This year we are being tested. We are being prepared to level up in our life. Initiations requires us to cross the threshold from one state…