Selfcare ✨✨✨

✨✨✨Today is Sunday … For Many it’s a day To pamper yourself … Get yourself ready for The work week ahead.

And for Me It’s A Day Of Relaxation, Meditation, Affirmations, Manifesting and Hanging out with my Daughter.

In this chapter of my life…I’m Getting rid of Things That is no longer beneficial to me.

Making room for these blessing’s God has Been giving me these past 4 months… I’ve Learned so much more then I could ever imagine… Everything I’ve Manifested in my life has come True.

Last week I mentioned I Wanted to Start A pod cast .. Two days Later I was Gifted A Microphone…

That was Confirmation That I Should Do That..

And I Started my Podcast.. The show is called( From The Bottom To the top)… It Will be About Taking you… With me on this journey to the top of My Goals ….

All The Good And Some of the Bad.. 😜… Lol I’mma try to be As Transparent as I would allow myself to be…

I Also want to Start A YouTube page for my Podcast … So I’ll be working on that as well… But Overall I’m very excited about these New Beginnings in my life.. .. It’s Very Exciting…. ✨✨✨

Keep working on your Goals, Stay Prayed up Cause Your Blessings Is Waiting on you.. Don’t Quit .. Keep going… 🥀🥀👀

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