Boundaries Aug; 8.8

Question: Where do you need to establish better boundaries?

That was the question giving to me by the spiritual world. Today I sit in ponder about what I shouldn’t be allowing in my life because it could be blocking my energy to create at my fullest potential.

I’ve learned that saying No and having a clear understanding about your boundaries is actually a spiritual act (I DON’T KNOW HOW TRUE THAT CAN BE BUT), Ever since I decided to walk on this spiritual journey of re-learning , re-loving & re-growing into the person I’m suppose to be, I’ve been getting strong spiritual messages in my re- education about setting Boundaries and saying no sometimes.

It is Healthy to say No once in a while, or as many times as you see fit on your journey to Relearning yourself in life. People need to know that you can’t always be at every beckon call,

If they couldn’t call you, who would they call ? So don’t be afraid to say:

(Sorry but I can’t help you today I got things to do),

Use that extra energy and re-focus it on to your self, Cause you can’t help anyone if your not taking care of your self.

I would like to hear what you think about Healthy Boundaries and saying (No).

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