March Day 1 Chapter 3

Good morning To Everyone, It’s March which means that Spring is in 2-3 Weeks away. After all this Cold weather is done, warm weather will be on it’s  way. We can then start to put away some of these heavy clothing. And start pulling out Those cute, Beautiful, Edgy, soft whatever your style is jackets out.

I’m A winter girl but I have to just say that I AM done with the cold. Like winter she needs to pack her THINGS and go back from which she came. I’m Newly Single and can’t wait to take myself out on a date.

I gave a man 16yrs of my life to end up in the same spot we met. And that’s not his fault, That is MY Fault for feeling sorry for him and allowing him to manipulate me to wait on him to change. He is a good man with good intentions but he don’t love himself and he don’t know how to deal with his emotions properly. Which resulted in us all ways arguing. At this point I couldn’t take it no more, Cause I felt like I was always worried about him and forgot about my daughter and I, And that is not fair to my daughter. So I started to pull back from him, I Stop calling him in the mornings, stop talking to him as much etc. Just regaining my energy back.

Funny thing is as soon as I started to pull back from him, His attitude became explosive. But I did not engage I stood my ground calmly because I knew that he wanted me to respond like him so we can argue. Instead I gave him silence, So now he will be arguing with him self.

See Sometimes The Best lessons you learn in life Come’s from some type of struggle or abuse. In this case I learned That you can’t Feel sorry For someone Who don’t Feel sorry for themselves. He took my kindness as a weakness. I allowed him to manipulate me for a very long time. But I quickly realized That I can’t punish myself for not seeing the red flags from the beginning, because when I met Him I was a Fresh 22. Now I’m thirty Five and He will be 58.

Anyway I’m Free now . He is in denial about the breakup acting like it didn’t happen we still together. …. Um I’m trying to have no drama with him but he’s trying me, But I’m not going to let him Win, With all that being said,

…I’m Free I Feel less stressed or worried or having anxiety attack’s because of low confidence. I Feel so good I’m sleeping better I’m losing weight I feel healthier more relaxed, I just feel great. So This Month will be dedicated To Rebuilding & Recreating.. And Falling back in LOVE with myself.. 💋😔

Moral of this sorry is Don’t waste your life on people who say they Love you and don’t Love themselves. How can you give me something that you don’t even have?

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