Coffee Talk Tuesday: The initiation

The initiation : Rite of passage, Crossing the threshold.

Coffee is always a good idea.

Rite of passage represents the journey that the soul takes to reach somewhere different. A different level in your life. This year we are being tested. We are being prepared to level up in our life. Initiations requires us to cross the threshold from one state of mind into the next. This year is forcing us to face our fears, All or nothing. Teaching us to gain a new way of being.

This right of passage will help us shift from one age to the next, riddled by emotional breakdowns, great loss, grief & depression, we are being forced to heal from those endeavors. once we can move past those things we can move on to the next level. Sometimes it’s those things that can be holding us back from our attempt to achieve our goals.

Through those hardships our spirit will finally crack open and we will be able to go forward in our life . Once we begin the journey we will become more of who we want to be then ever before. If you are in the middle of a change right now you will get through it. It will be worth it. You are closer than you think,


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