Kiss with Fire : Never give up

fire heart

As a new ” Entrepreneur “, I’ve been taking my time releasing my content, my work and products,

#1:  Because some of my competition are thieves. I say this because when I first started my journey in creating my business 10 yrs ago, I’ve noticed when ever I put out my ideas, and show the public what I’m doing, later on that week I would see some company using my ideas.

It would make me mad, of course I tired to confront them about it but as we all know they didn’t answer back. So I did some research to see if other people was going through this same thing on social media and what they did to stop it, and by the way their were a lot of people going through this same exact thing.

Fire Flame

Unfortunately I couldn’t really do anything legal because my products did not have a patent. This is the reason I pull back on showcasing my products. So I’m coming up with a way to market my products without giving too much away and if they take my idea, by the time they come up with an idea to sell it, I will be like ” been there, done that I’m on to the next thing”.

At least now I know my product ideas are great ideas if company’s are stealing them. At the minimum I am headed in the right direction and the road I’m walking down don’t look so foggy anymore. We just need to keep going and don’t give up.

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