2020 changes

So this year has been nothing but surprise after surprise. We are now placed in a position that forces us to change our way of life. Things that we use to do, we no longer can do and the places we use to go, we have to now follow a certain set of rules to protect us and others.

Lately I have been trying to perfect myself in different ways, I’ve been working on habits good and bad, routines and rituals that can make me better at whatever it is I want to get better at, and my well being, making sure that I pray & meditate to have a healthy state of mind for my daughter & I.

I’ve allowed myself to feel all kinds of feelings without labeling it as wrong or negative, it helps me understand my mind and how it reacts to certain things. listening to your self helps you discover different wants and needs, making you think about if these things are important to you or not.

Self forgiveness has been quite easy for me to do, because I’ve always believed in myself, the problem I struggled with was forgiving others. 2 years ago I started my spiritual journey to help me cleanse my mind and body. to give my self a new start and view of life, so far it has been very challenging but it opened my eyes to a world inside the world. Things I see everyday now looks very different, it’s like I get to see everything through Gods eye’s and it’s beautiful.

Jesus died at the age of 33 and I am so grateful to see the blessing of reaching 35. I wake up so happy and always bless to see another day. Thank you for everyday are the words that echo in mind & out my mouth every morning.

I would like say that during these times of uncertainty we should be grateful and lucky to wake up every morning these couple of months in 2020. It is a true blessings to us all, we are given a opportunity to reset our life , our goals, & our dreams. We are given back time to catch up on everything we wanted to do. And that is the greatest gift we have received from the year 2020.


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