Fall Purge

Sometimes you have to lose your mind to find yourself. When you lose one sense you gain another. – unknown

I have a great big Destiny and I know this because my Obstacles are big. I know what I’m going through is Growing me, Building me & Strengthening me for something great , because there is know way one small women , born from a immigrant mother coming to the state’s with nothing but will and strength in her soul, searching for a new life , new beginning , for me to Endure so much Hell living in the streets of Brooklyn and to survive the many obstacles of life, to not succeed.

I’m not a person of Religion afraid of going to Hell, I Am a person at the Height of my spirituality who’ve returned from it. Took the punches, kept swinging, Fell a couple of times but got right back up again. Stood my ground for what I believed in because I know I have a great purpose. When the Devil hit me in the face I told him: ” You hit like a Bitch “. And kept fighting for my life.

Rivers cut through rocks with persistance not strength.

– unknown

I Am very Patient & I Am very Persistent.

Maybe the journey is not about Becoming anything, Maybe it’s about un-becoming everything that is not really you, and then Maybe you can become who you was meant to become in the first place.

This Fall Purge Is going to be a chapter on embracing all changes that are about to come into my life & Leaving the past behind me.

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