Butterfly circles

It is said Butterflies is a symbol of Happiness, and good luck. That luck is to follow you into your future. Only if you keep doing all the right things to maintain that luck. As of lately butterflies have been crossing my path quite a bit. I never really paid too much attention to butterflies or any other bug, that’s more my daughter’s thing. She loves nature, animals, bugs life.

I always like to encourage questioning and conversation with my daughter. She is very aware of her surroundings and is always curious about a lot of things around her. Which force’s me to pay more attention to my surroundings as well.  I’ve started to notice butterflies fly in front or circling around me. I decided to do some research and find out what it might mean.

I’m a very spiritual person so I felt it had to be coming from a spiritual entity. Lately I’ve been manifesting a lot, & working on riding bad energy, ascending higher in my life and things like that. Anyway, from what I got through my searching’s was :

When a Butterfly crosses your path, it is a sign that you have to leave your past behind you and embrace all changes that are about to come into your life.

Which sounds about right because I’m in the middle of looking to move, I cut my hair I want to end a relationship, and not because it’s bad relationship but because I feel I’m out growing my daughter’s father.

He is a older gentleman and he basically is set in his ways. A lot of things I want to do he have already done and don’t want to do again.

I gave him 13 years of my life, I love him but I want more & I want to do more. He is satisfied with the life we have, but I’m not. He has friends, Family which may I add don’t like me because I’m younger then him. When I started to deal with him I lost all my ” friends”, my “Family” started treating me crazy. So I was left with just him.

But then my daughter came along and I had more to live for. As I grew older, I grew wiser and realized I need more for not just my life but for my daughters future. And that’s when I started making changes and stuck with building my business & Learning the Business more.

People around me think I just woke up and decided to become a Entrepreneur. But I went to school for Business, I took Business in High school , Business, Management, Computer software , Technology Art , Design anything that had to do with Business and the arts. I also continued to take business in college, so this is something I’ve been working at for along time.

I have not yet gotten my big break but I believe I will once I drop some dead weight from my life.

Also, Butterflies: represents Transformation both within and without, so even if you haven’t undergone big life changes, you might have a lot going on in your heart that needs some attention.

Look at life in a carefree & lighthearted way. We need to take time for ourselves and do some real soul searching.

The Bible see’s the Butterfly as a symbol of resurrection, endurance, change, Hope and life. And the crazy thing about this information is that I’m experiencing all of this through me manifesting and ascendance.

So those Butterflies was a spiritual reassurances to me That Everything is in alignment.

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