Minimal Marketing recipe

Minimalist are so hard to please now or days, you would think that anything you make minimally would catch they’re eye and have them flocking to your product’s, but No… why because Some people are more fancy with they’re minimalist life. Some like high end minimal products that are great in quality and known to the fashion world all over, and some minimalist are simple & laid back they too look for quality but they are not as judge mental on handmade items like others.

So I’ve decided to create my jewelry and my others products in-between a high and low quality range a mix of both. Bringing more high shine to catch the eye, using colors that can be worn in you everyday wardrobe, and making the items strong enough to last a long time, aging with a comfortable edgy, vintage like look.

This sounds like it would be a great Marketing recipe & a awesome beginning for show casting my items, all I have to do is begin this journey without overthinking , work freely, and just let the ideas flow.

Handmade Light Baby Pink Drop Earrings

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